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   Consultative Committee on public procurement  
 (1)   There shall be a standing Consultative Committee on public procurement to assist and advise the Government in bringing improvement to the public procurement and to make recommendations to achieve that objective.
 (2)   The Consultative Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and such number of other persons, not exceeding eleven (11), to be appointed by the Government from time to time. IMED will submit proposal to the Government for appointment of the Members of the Committee including Chairperson.
 (3)   Members shall be appointed from both public and private sectors for a period not exceeding two (2) years. The members to be appointed shall be experts and/or specialist in procurement. The Terms of Reference for the Committee shall include the following:
evaluate the extent to which the Regulations and the Procedures are improving public procurement in Bangladesh;
examine any difficulties being experienced by Procuring Entities;
review the impact of the Regulations and the Procedures with the business community;
review the Annual Reports prepared by the CPTU and if necessary, discuss with the CPTU and Procuring Entities;
review the performance of the CPTU and examine any difficulties it is experiencing;
discuss the impact of the Regulations upon Bangladesh public procurement with development partners;
submit regular reports upon the state of public procurement in Bangladesh to the Government, with recommendations for its sustained improvement; and
review the procedure for submission and disposal of complaints to the Review Panel for improving the complaint and appeal procedure without getting involved with the decision making process.
(4) The Consultative Committee shall determine its own method of working.
(5) The Government may decide the honoraria and/or other allowances of the members for attending the meetings of the Consultative Committee.
(6) The Chairperson shall convene meetings of the Consultative Committee, decide upon the time and place of such meetings and set the agenda. Other members may suggest agenda for the meetings which shall be subject to the approval of the Chairperson.
(7) The Director General of the CPTU shall act as the Member Secretary of the Committee and the CPTU shall provide logistical support to the Consultative Committee, e.g. meeting room, secretarial support and any other facilities as may be required.


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