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The CPTU was established in April 2002 as a unit within the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division of the Ministry of Planning. It is headed by a Director-General, who reports directly to the Secretary, IMED. The DG has a staff complement of Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Systems Analyst, Programmer and other support staff.

The CPTU is a permanent institution of the government, funded under the revenue budget and established for carrying out the purposes of Section 67 which states as follows:


Section 67: For carrying out the purposes of the Act, the Government shall, through a Central Procurement Technical Unit or any other unit established by it relating to procurement monitoring, coordination and management, perform the following responsibilities, namely -

a. Providing for monitoring compliance with and implementation of this Act through the authority as designated by the Government
b. Arranging for performance of the necessary functions and responsibilities incidental thereto, through the authority as designated by the government and
c. Performing any other responsibilities as prescribed.

Then the Public Procurement Rules-2008 prescribed the following additional responsibility to CPTU:

1. For the purposes of section 67 (a) of the Act, The Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) of IMED shall, in addition to that Section of the Act, perform the following responsibility under Section 67 (b) and (c), namely
(a) Propose any Amendment to the Act, Rules or other Documents which appears necessary in the light of international practices and experience gained in course of the Public Procurement process in Bangladesh
(b) Issue guidance and instructions regarding the interpretation and implementation of these Rules and other Documents issued by it and give, upon request from the concerned Procuring Entity or Tenderer, advice and assistance to Procuring Entities without, however, diminishing the responsibility of a Procuring Entity.
(c) Prepare and distribute standard Documents to be used in connection with public Procurement.
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