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(d) Prepare and submit to the Government an Annual Report of the previous financial year regarding the overall functioning of the public Procurement system, including recommendations on measures to be taken by the Government to revise and improve Procurement practices and other measures to enhance the quality of Procurement work.
(e) Deliver the Annual Report within the period specified in Schedule I from the beginning of the current financial year, which shall contain -
i. Statistics on Procurement undertaken during the year reporting the number and value of Contracts awarded, the methods of Procurement used and for each method, the type of Procurement undertaken (i.e. Goods, Works, or Services), and the nationality of the successful Supplier, Contractor or Consultant (i.e. Bangladesh or foreign national);
ii. A summary of Procurement Post Reviews carried out during the previous financial year by Procuring Entities and by the CPTU in accordance with Section 24 of the Act and Rule 45;
iii. Statistics on training and other capacity development activities;
iv. Summary of complaints filed and sent to the Review Panel and status of complaints; and
v. Other activities of the CPTU.
(f) For completion of each part of the Annual Report, it shall comply with the following durations -
i. Three (3) months for the completion of the statistical report;
ii. Five (5) months for the completion of the summary on Procurement Post Reviews;
iii. Three (3) months for processing statistics on staffing and training and professional development of officials and Persons engaged in Public Procurement; and
iv. Three (3) months for producing data on other CPTU activities.
(g) Request, receive and evaluate other information or records from Procuring Entities to the extent appropriate to its information needs;
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