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Open Contracting Mission kicks off meeting at CPTU
Sunday, August 27, 2017
A mission of World Bank kicked off its meeting on Open Contracting at CPTU on August 26, 2017. The mission will conclude on August 31, 2017.
Director General of CPTU and Additional Secretary Md Faruque Hossain presided over the meeting on the subject of open data. Director (Coordination) Shish Haider Chowdhury moderated the meeting.
Task Team Leader and Lead Procurement Specialist Dr Zafrul Islam led the WB team in the mission. Other mission members who attended the meeting at CPTU were Marcela Rozo, Open Contracting Team Leader, Stephen Davenport, Global Lead, Open Government Citizen Engagement, Kristina Aquino, Research Analyst and ANM Mustafizur Rahman, Senior Procurement Reform Consultant of World Bank.
CPTU officials and consultants were present in the meeting. Senior e-GP Consultant Ashfakul Islam made a detailed presentation on e-GP and its associated aspects.
Open contracting refers to increased disclosure of information in a customized environment, with the participation of stakeholders in all stages of public contracting, including planning, procurement, and performance.
The expected outcome of open contracting is improved transparency with better collection, maintenance, analysis and dissemination of public procurement data and information to the citizens at large in “easy to use” formats.
Open contracting will be a vehicle to directly link procurement data to Civil Society and citizens. The expanded system would also track and measure performance of the public procurement system leveraging the Open Contracting Data standard (OCDS) leveraging advanced data analytical methods in procurement.
In combination with Advanced Analytics, open contracting would not only help government officials to take corrective actions as needed to improve performance of public procurement but would also make the procurement processes and outcome transparent to the public.
For the open contracting work to be most effective, allowing analysis of bidder performance quality, it is important to use the full cycle and data of e-GP system. The data analytics part of CPTU will also need be strengthened.
The Open Contracting framework implementation recommends a collaborative approach between governments, private sector, civil society, development partners, and international organizations that emphasizes the importance of increased disclosure and building the capacity of these actors to understand and effectively use contracting information to improve procurement outcomes with increased transparency.

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