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DIMAPPP financing agreement signed
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
On August 29, 2017, the government of Bangladesh (GoB) signed an agreement with the World Bank to use digital technology to monitor projects under country’s Annual Development Programmes, fully digitize public procurement and improve its performance under a project titled, “Digitizing Implementation Monitoring and Public Procurement Project (DIMAPPP).”
The agreement was signed by Kazi Shofiqul Azam and Qimiao Fan on behalf of the government of Bangladesh and the World Bank, respectively, at the Economic Relations Division (ERD).
The $60million DIMAPPP will help Bangladesh expand electronic government procurement (e-GP) to all public sector procuring agencies and improve capacity to monitor implementation of development projects and programmes using digital technology.
The Central Procurement Technical Unit of Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED), Ministry of Planning, will implement the project.
Of the total project outlay, the IDA of WB will provide $55 million while the GoB contribution is $5 million. Director General of CPTU of IMED, Ministry of Planning, Md Faruque Hossain, explained the objective, components and possible outcomes of the DIMAPPP. Officials of ERD, IMED, CPTU and WB were present on the occasion.
The overall objective of the project is to improve public procurement performance and enhance capacity for implementation monitoring of development projects/programmes through digitization.
The DIMAPPP has four components: (a) Restructuring CPTU and Institutionalizing e-GP, (b) Enhancing Digitization of Public Procurement, (c) Professionalization Procurement and Citizen Engagement (CE), and (d) Digitizing Project Implementation Monitoring.

A total of 32 Selected Public Sector Organizations (SPSOs, Annex-1) including four target agencies (BREB, BWDB, LGED, RHD) that constitute the bulk of total public procurement will be the part of procurement management, monitoring and e-GP implementation. It is expected that all procuring Public Sector Organizations (SPOs) will be registered with the e-GP system and conduct e-procurement as part of government’s plan to fully digitize public procurement in the country.
Secretary of Economic Relations Division (ERD) Kazi Shofiqul Azam said, “The Government is progressively working towards achieving ‘Digital Bangladesh’ vision, and this is another step forward towards that vision”, said Kazi Shofiqul Azam, Secretary, Economic Relations Division.“DIMAPP will institutionalize electronic procurement and digitize the monitoring of development projects and programs to expedite project implementation and enhance transparency of spending of public resources,” he added.
Country Director, World Bank for Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal, Qimiao Fan, said, “The Government of Bangladesh has made notable progress in improving public procurement performance, which is key to increase efficiency of public spending,” said. He also said, “This project is a testament to the Government’s commitment to expand digitization to all public procuring entities as well as to monitor development programs and projects.”
In Bangladesh, annual expenditure on public procurement amounts to over $7 billion in recent years, representing 70 percent of the ADP. Since 2002, the World Bank has been helping Bangladesh improve its public procurement system, and in 2011, the World Bank supported the rollout of e-GP in four key procuring entities.
Currently, about 40 per cent of the annual development budget is executed using the e-GP platform. This has helped improve efficiency of public spending, and reduced procurement delays. In 2016, 83 per cent of contracts were awarded within the initial tender validity period, versus only 10 per cent in 2007. The effort has significantly reduced inappropriate bidding practices at decentralized level and increased transparency as now all tender invitations and contract awards are published on the platform’s website.
Building on the success of predecessor projects, DIMAPP will support the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division under the Ministry of Planning to effectively monitor execution of ADP by digitally connecting all public sector organizations, combined with a nationwide expansion of the e-GP system.
The credits are from the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank’s concessional lending arm. The credits are interest-free and repayable in 38 years, including a 6-year grace period, and carry a service charge of 0.75 per cent. The World Bank was among the first development partners to support Bangladesh following its independence. Since then the World Bank has committed more than $26 billion in grants and interest-free credits to the country. In recent years, Bangladesh has been among the largest recipients of the World Bank’s interest-free credits.

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