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Appropriate knowledge of PPR, e-GP for IMED officers underscored
Monday, October 16, 2017
A two-day in-house capacity development training on public procurement and e-GP system ended on 12 October 2017 at the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) of Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Ministry of Planning.
Staff members and officers of IMED and CPTU attended the training organized by IMED as part of its plan for a series of such training to equip all concerned in the division with the idea and knowledge of Public Procurement Act 2006 and the Public Procurement Rules 2008 as well as electronic government procurement (e-GP) system.
AKM Badrul Mazid, Additional Secretary (Admin) of IMED, opened the training on 11 October 2017 while Md Faruque Hossain, Director General of CPTU and Additional Secretary, was also present. The inaugural session of the training was conducted by Shish Haider Chowdhury, Director (Coordination and Training) of CPTU.
AKM Badrul Mazid said, “We must know provisions of the procurement law and the rules as we often need to deal with issues of public procurement.” He added that the rules are part of law and all concerned need to uphold and protect the law. This training is, therefore, very important, he observed.
The DG, CPTU, Md Faruque Hossain, who is also a national trainer of public procurement, conducted the first session on “Public Procurement Overview of PPA-2006 and PPR-2008”. He elaborated on the constitutional obligations for adherence to the law and the rules. The DG, CPTU touched upon the background and context of the PPA-2006 and the PPR 2008. He explained how these can ensure good governance and value for money in the process of public procurement.
On the first day, Director of CPTU and national trainer Masud Akhtar Khan dwelt on procurement planning, various committees, complaints, review panel, debarment and JVCA under the PPA and PPR. Assistant Director (Coordination) Shahadat Hossain Masud briefed the participants on knowledge exchange in ADB conference. Director (Coordination and Training) Shish Haider Chowdhury delivered lecture on Audit of Development Projects and Settlement Procedure of Audit Objections and Director (e-GP) Aziz Taher Khan took class on advertisement, opening, evaluation and approval in public procurement.
On the second day, Deputy Director of CPTU Md. Aknur Rahman conducted class on annual procurement planning, tender notice, tender document, tender opening committee and tender evaluation committee formation and publication of tenders in e-GP system.
Training Coordinator of CPTU K. M. Ali Newaz dwelt on clarification, pre-tender meeting, corrigendum and tender submission in e-GP.
The subjects of tender opening, evaluation, post qualification, negotiation, re-evaluation in e-GPsystem were elaborated by Md. Mosharraf Hussain, Senior System Analyst of CPTU. Sheikh Shariful Islam, Assistant Maintenance Engineer of CPTU, explained approval, NOA and contract signing in the e-GP system.
At the concluding ceremony, DG, CPTU reviewed the discussions and conducted the question-answer session while Md Mahmudul Huq, Joint Secretary, IMED, Ministry of Planning, made the concluding remarks.

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