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Under the PPRP (2002/03 to 2006/07) government made considerable improvements by completing following major policy reform actions;

Issued Public Procurement Regulations 2003 (PPR) (remained in force up to 30 January, 2008) with the implementation procedures, procurement processing and implementation procedures and in July 2006 passed a procurement Act in the Parliament. The Act and the regulations contain most features of the international good public procurement practices.
A specialized unit on public procurement practices implementation, the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU), was established to implement, manage and support the recommended procurement reforms;
CPTU established a website (www.cptu.gov.bd) publishing Invitation to Tenders, RFPs, RFQ, contract awards on procurement for public access,
Developed a centralized Procurement Management Information System (PROMIS),
Developed a critical mass of 25 national trainers and provided training to over 1800 staff of 260 organizations up to March 2007.
A comprehensive set of Standard Tendering Documents were developed complying the Public Procurement Regulations 2003 for use by all government funded agencies;
Revised the delegation of financial power
Public Procurement Act was ratified by the parliament in 2006;
A new set of public procurement rules and supporting procedural guides were prepared;
Subsequently the Public Procurement Regulations 2003 was replaced by Public Procurement Rules, 2008, framed under Public Procurement Act, 2006.

A number of changes to improve the process have been included in the Public Procurement Rules 2008:

Provision of Framework Contracts
Provision of Concession Contracts
Use of Request for Quotation Method for the procurement of divisible commodities in bulk
Special provision to meet urgent national needs
  Establishment of Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) within the IMED
  Implementation of Public Procurement Reform
  Improvement of Procurement Management Capacity
Public Procurement Reform Project II (PPRP-II)
To strengthen and sustain the public procurement reform, a new technical assistance project titled 'Public Procurement Reform Project II (PPRP-II)' was approved by the GOB in June, 2007 which is now under implementation by the CPTU/IMED. In implementing those initiatives and addressing the issues PPRP-II contains a comprehensive set of four (4) major components: 
Component 1: Furthering Policy Reform and Institutionalizing Capacity Development
Component 2: Strengthening Procurement Management at Sectoral Level & CPTU/IMED
Component 3: Introducing e-Government Procurement (e-GP)
Component 4: Communication, Behavioral Change, and Social Accountability

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