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  Implementation of Public Procurement Reform II (PPRP-II)  
  PPRP-II is scheduled to be implemented over a period of five years. To ensure continuity of the reform program, CPTU/IMED is the key implementing agency for the project while the sectoral target agencies are responsible for implementation of management and monitoring of procurement actions at the agency level. In addition, in coordination with CPTU, the target agencies will be responsible for implementation of e-Government Procurement (e-GP) system and social accountability activities in phases. Each target agency has designated a full-time Procurement Monitoring Coordinator (PMC). In similar way Technical Working Group is formed. Besides that CPTU has fielded Procurement Implementation Support Consultants in these 4 target agencies.  
Implementation of capacity development, MIS, and e-GP

An International consulting firm, under coordination with CPTU/IMED, is already implementing an extensive capacity building program mainly with Engineering Staff College Bangladesh (ESCB - the nominated sub-consultant) and partly with Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) with the programs covering an array of trainings. The training programs prepared for the stakeholder from various areas will train about 11,000 people of procurement community, including policy makers, government officials, procurement officials, field level procurement staffs, social society, media etc.

Initiations have been started to ensure compatibility of the procurement monitoring system in CPTU, in accordance with the e-GP roadmap and to fulfill the requirements of the Public Procurement Act/Rules, the existing Procurement management information system - "PROMIS" will be updated, expanded and integrated with e-GP System to form the first phase of e-GP System. With the introduction of e-GP system compliant to the PPA-2006 and PPR-2008 in Bangladesh, starting with four target agencies, it is expected that it will help to establish Effective Monitoring and Evaluation online platform, standardization on the way of carrying out the procurement through the standard online bidding document templates and processes. CPTU will start in pilot basis with the features like Centralized registration of bidding community; procurement process workflow based e-Tendering, e-Contract Management, database of Public Procurement Community (Procuring entities and Contractors/Suppliers/Consultants), e-Payment and Procurement Management Information System.

Implementation of communication strategy for CBC & SAc
Strategy and sustainable framework for communication campaign and social awareness will be developed and implemented. The strategy and framework will be initially implemented in four target agencies and CPTU/IMED.



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