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          Progress Report of Public Procurement Reform Project - II (PPRP-II)
          (Till June 30, 2009)
Approval of PPRP-II
'Public Procurement Reform Project II (PPRP-II)' was approved by the GOB in June, 2007, which is now under implementation by the CPTU/IMED.
Financing of the Project
IDA credit agreement with the estimated cost of the Project is Tk. 19092.00 lakh (GOB: Tk. 992.00 lakh & IDA credit: Tk. 18100.00 lakh) for the implementation period July, 2007-June, 2012. The IDA credit financing is of amount USD $23.6 million. The expected closing date of IDA credit is March, 2013.
Committees under PPRP-II
Project Steering Committee (PSC) has been formed.
Consultative Committee has been formed.
Public Private Stakeholders Committee (PPSC) has been formed.
Four Project Management Coordinators (PMCs) are nominated from four target agencies.
Technical Working Group (TWG) has been formed.
Component 1: Furthering Policy Reform and Institutionalizing Capacity Development.
Implementation and capacity development Consultant (International) on board since 10th March, 2008.
Conducted the Training need Assessment of the 04 (Four) target agencies.
About 400 procurement officers from four target agencies (LGED, RHD, BWDB and REB) and other public agencies trained under Three weeks Training courses on the procurement of goods, works and services for the period of Oct 26, 2008 to June 15, 2009. The training programs are being carried out in Engineering Staff College of Bangladesh (ESCB).
Develop Training modules for Three weeks training and short term training programs.
Finalized the authentic English Text of Public Procurement Act 2006 and hosted in the CPTU website.
Draft finalized English Text of the Public Procurement Rules-2008 and hosted in the CPTU website.
Updated Six Standard Tender Documents (STDs).
Component 2: Strengthening Procurement Management at Sectoral Level & CPTU/IMED
The service of existing setup of CPTU, IMED has been made permanent by the Government. In addition to permanent 18 staff, additional 09 (nine) posts have also been created for CPTU.The status of the Consultants under PPRP-II is given below.
Procurement Reform Implementation Advisor (Individual National) is on board.
Project Procurement Consultant (Individual national) is on board.
Financial Management Consultant (Individual National) is on board.
E-GP Consultant (Individual National) is on board.
Four Project Implementation Support Consultants (PISC) are on board for Four Target agencies (LGED, RHD, BWDB and REB).
Communication and Social Awareness Consultant (national individual) is on board.
Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant (National individual) completed assignment.
Recruitment of required manpower through outsourcing firm under PPRP II is done (Accounts Officer, Computer Operator, Cash sarker & Driver).
Contract for the procurement of Computers, laptop and other accessories for CPTU and IMED has already been awarded and goods delivered.
Contract for the procurement of furniture and fixtures for four target agency procuring entities has already been awarded and delivery in progress.
Procurement of Photocopiers for CPTU and IMED has already been awarded and goods already delivered.
Procurement of Vehicles for CPTU has already been awarded and vehicles delivered.
Procurement of Hardware and software for Four Target agency procuring entities (293 procuring entities) and CPTU is already awarded and delivery, installation and commissioning in progress.
Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant firm is already selected and contract signed.
Component 3: Introducing
e-Government Procurement (e-GP)
e-GP Consultant (International) is on board.
Enhancement of Procurement Management Information System (PROMIS) and CPTU website is in final stage.
Evaluation of the Proposals for the e-GP System Development and Implementation is in progress. RFP was issued to six (6) short-listed Consultants (International firms) after evaluating their Expression of Interests (EOI).
Letter of Invitation for Proposal with detailed Terms of Reference on Internet Connectivity for Four Target agency procuring entities and CPTU Data Center for e-GP and PROMIS implementation has been issued.
Finalized the 45 Key Procurement Performance and Compliance indicators.
Prepared e-GP System Development and Implementation Monitoring Framework.
Prepared Draft e-GP Guidelines as required by the PPA 2006 [Chapter 8, Clause 65 (1)] and PPR 2008 [Chapter 8, Clause 128(1)] for the implementation of e-GP System in Bangladesh.
Component 4: Communication, Behavioral Change, and Social Accountability
Selection of the Communication and Social awareness Consultant (firm) is in final stage.
Two episode of awareness programs on Public Procurement, Act and Rules aired on Bangladesh Television (BTV).
Articles on public procurement and e-Government Procurement (e-GP) published in different national papers.
Desk Calendar of 2009 published with awareness contents about Public Procurement Rules - 2008.



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